Choir Survey

The purpose of this survey is to make Sunday’s a more worshipful time for the choir member. This might require changing rehearsal times and Wednesday evening services as follows:

Sunday Evening

4:15 pm: 11:00 Musicians @ Sanctuary

4:30 pm to 5:00 pm: Praise Team @ Sanctuary

5:00 pm: 8:00 Musicians @ Sanctuary

5:15 pm: Sunday School

6:30 pm: Sound Checks for Wednesday Specials @ Sanctuary

Wednesday Evening

6:30 pm: Wednesday Evening Worship Service

7:30 pm: Break Out Classes & 9:30 Musicians @ Sanctuary


This is only a proposal and we (the church staff) need to know the heart of each choir member. Please fill out the survey below. By giving us your name, it will help us to see any conflicts with other ministries that you are involved in within the church.