Scott Eavenson

I am so grateful for the honor and privilege to be a part of the music ministry of Calvary Road. I thank God for the privilege to serve Him here. I am blessed to serve alongside with two pastors and staff that believe in the value and importance of this ministry. The glory of what is accomplished is God’s alone. As your choir director, it’s my accountability to serve you and allow you to utilize your gifts and abilities to the fullest potential. If there’s ever a need or concern that I might be of some assistance, please know that we are eager to help. We seek to have high standards in our choirs and strive to be committed to excellence in the Music Ministry. We believe that God deserves the very best of our efforts. This requires a commitment to rehearsal attendance and worship services. There are no shortcuts to excellence, the time and effort must be made. It’s not easy in today;s busy lifestyle, but if our hearts desire is to reach people for Christ, we must realize the importance of God’s sacrifice that He made for us. Our standards must be high so that the message of the Gospel is delivered with clarity and power. Each week the members of our choirs bring their gifts and talents to honor and glorify the Lord. As we enter the choir loft, our hearts, minds, and souls should be totally focused on the worship service. It is our desire that the Lord will use us to prepare the hearts of His people for the Word of God. Continue to pray for us as we strive to bring our best each week to serve Him. We are blessed to have some of the finest musicians and technical personnel around. They are the unsung heroes of our services. They are always the first to arrive and usually the last to leave. I will always be greatly indebted to them for their hard work and sacrifice.