Spicewood Cottages Needs List

1. body wash for both men and women (more lady residents)
2. deodorant (prefer spray type for ease of application)
3. shampoo/conditioner or all in one with body wash
4. Dandruff shampoo
5. Coloring books/colored pencils and markers
6. Large print word search books
7. Easy craft items
8. Disposable razors in a package
9. Shaving cream/gel
10. Body spray for ladies
11. Lotion with cocoa butter or extra moisturizers for dry skin
12. Fun color nailpolish
13. Hairspray
15. Hair brushes
16. Denture Cleaner
17. Polygrip Denture Adhesive
18. Plastic water containers with straw
19. Toothpaste
20. Cardboard nail files