CRBC Choir Update and Questionaire

Dear Choir Member or Prospective Member,
Our church staff has been praying for a few weeks, how we can have our awesome choir comeback to sing and lead our worship services here at CRBC. Our majot concern for each one of you is your continued health and safety through this COVID pandemic. Your absence as worship leaders has been greatly missed by our church families, and all those who have watched our services from their homes. Your faithfulness, presence and always singing with great joy and passion, has been a tremendous blessing and encouragement for our congregation.

So now, we would like to knowyour availability for coming back and singing in the choir in the coming weeks, for rehearsals and worship services. So, this questionaire is for your consideration, prayerful commitment and for information that will help us, making plans and possible schedules for September, October and continued months this fall. Please pray about these suggestions and options, so we can once again have a vibrant, exciting and God honoring music ministry at CRBC!

Thank you for your cooperation in giving us helpful information, that will assist us making definite plans for having our choir back in October. in full operation for services and rehearsals.
In His service,
Dan, The Music Man