Senior Pastor John Swanger

I once was given some excellent advice from an older Pastor.  He simply told me that you could never go wrong preaching the Word and loving the people.  How right he was.  When I arrived on this campus in 2007 I had no idea what God would do, but I was determined to preach the Word and to love the people.  The joy that I have experienced in doing that simply cannot be put into words.   God has done great things here at Calvary Road, and I feel safe in saying that if we continue to grow in His Word, and seek Him first that even greater things are ahead.  I cannot wait to see what He has in store for us next as we move forward in the work of the Lord and his call for us.

Pastor John has been the Pastor of Calvary Road since 2007.  Pastor John and his wife Michelle were married in 1993.  Their daughter Alex was born in 1995, and their son Hayden was born in 1998.  Pastor John graduated from Fruitland Baptist Bible College in 1998, and Calvary Road is his third Pastorate.  He also served at Ochre Hill Baptist Church in Sylva N.C., and Middle River Baptist Church in Carnesville Ga.
Office Phone: (828)926-0506 Ext. 1002